February 3, 2021

If I Only Had a Heart: Accounting for Care Work in Organizations

Interview conducted by Nathan Schneider. Originally published in the University of Colorado’s MedLab and aired in

This month, Spanish activist Stacco Troncoso and his collaborators released the DisCO Manifesto (, which proposes a new model for organizations that account for the care work that supports workers and their communities. In this conversation, he explains how the model works and how it challenges norms, both in familiar workplaces and in techno-utopian visions. Troncoso is a founding member of the Guerrilla Media Collective, which is pioneering the DisCO concept.

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Each month, host Nathan Schneider speaks with someone who works with technology in ways that challenge conventional narratives and dominant power structures. The name comes from the phrase “a philosophy so old that it looks like new,” repeated throughout the works of Peter Maurin, the French agrarian poet and co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement.

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Lead art photography by Antonio Marín Segovia.