DisCOVerse Live.

Ask us anything! Join the DisCO.coop crew and DisCO LABs for regular calls about DisCO, our projects, ways to collaborate and DIsCOjam. Sign up for the next DisCOverse Live here.


The DisCOspace is DisCO’s main discussion forum. Running on Loomio, our favorite open-source and activist designed facilitation software, the DisCOspace vibe is based on our intersectional feminist and queer-friendly Caring Community Guidelines. Come on in!

DisCO Journey.

The DisCO Journey (DJ for short) is our immersive DisCO-making program, to develop, document and create distributed economic alternatives that work now. The Journey is designed for DisCOs to build trust and federate with other DisCOs, to create a network of practice and ultimately build economic counterpower.

DisCO Challenge

The DisCO Challenge is our two-step interactive quiz to enter the DisCOverse. Step 1 is all about your group, its goals and values. Step 2 walks you through the Seven DisCO Principles. The Challenge is a relatively simple exercise to determine if DisCO is right for you and your group and to get you up and running in no time.

DisCO BALL Wiki.

The DisCO Ball Wiki is the main knowledge repository for DisCO.coop. Designed to semantically interface with other wikis and DisCO-repositories, Designed to be user-friendly, the DisCO Ball features modern, clean graphics and covers the following: the DisCO Principles, the DisCO DNA, DisCO Elements, Governance resources, documentation for tools and active mapping of the DisCOverse.

Governance Modeling.

DisCO Governance is a living, evolving artform. Balancing culture and structure, it’s designed for groups to make decisions, set boundaries, enforce rules, and deal with conflicts according to their own needs and living environments. DisCO Governance Modeling is highly adaptable and P2P based: in the DisCOverse individuals and groups are treated as peers with the equal potential to participate in a collective process, never as adversaries competing for resources. Ultimately, your DisCO governance model will be unique to your group, and its documentation can serve as the inspiration for other DisCOS developing their own peer governance solutions.