The DisCO LABS are frontline communities taking matters into their own hands. DisCO grows in power through the formation of small, distributed groups (LABs) of 4-20 people. The DisCO LABs can unite and federate into complex, globally distributed networks committed to social and ecological restoration. Federation is DisCO’s key to creating an effective economic counterpower.

Cooperation Jackson

Black solidarity network of cooperatives and worker-owned democratically self-managed enterprises


SODAA is a collective of artists assembled together towards building a decentralized governance model for a venue in London.

Space of Urgency

​​Space of Urgency (SOU) is an emerging network that enables and sustains access to space for the next generation of culture.


Laneras is open-sourcing endangered knowledge and educating commoners on the machinery, tools and special aspects of truly sustainable fiber and clothing.


REPAIRE fosters relations between Quebec’s independent research and experimental arts and its counterparts in Canada and abroad.

Guerrilla Media Collective

Created in 2013, GMC is an activist communications collective and agency.