We offer our time and experience as DisCOnsultancy, a means of sustainable livelihood for the DisCO team. DisCOnsultancy yields unique results which will benefit both your organization and the DisCO knowledge commons. 

DisCOnsultancy work is personal, bespoke and unique, and complements all the material we offer as a commons: resources you can freely copy, tweak and use according to the needs of your community and surroundings on your own  In turn, this nourishes the DisCO Project by allowing the better-resourced groups we engage with to contribute to DisCO’s mission through paid work. 

The DisCO.coop core crew works with worldwide partners through deep relationality, taking the time to listen, understand your organization’s goals, needs and realities, with particular focus on reproductive and care work. After an initial scoping, we will offer a series of online or in-person workshops, creating bespoke, structured programs to turn your organization into a DisCO, a DisCO Cluster or SuperDisCO with our personalized assistance.

DisCO.coop is a socially-oriented, not-for-profit cooperative based in Spain. By engaging us for DisCOnsultancy, you are directly contributing to the growth of the DisCOverse and helping less privileged DisCO LABS

DisCOnsultancy uses DisCO Pricing. This means that we will transparently determine a price together based on your legal status (whether a coop, DisCO, B-corp, Non-Profit, Corporation etc), operating budget and internal distribution of revenues, social orientation and other factors. 

We work with international clients like Greenpeace International and their Alternative Futures program, Lankelly Chase in the UK, the Sporobole and REPAIRE artist networks in Quebec, MIT’s Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism in Boston and the Development Bank of South Africa

Check out the DisCO Applications program to see the range of governance solutions we can adjust for your needs. This includes programs for cooperatives and social solidarity entities, philanthropic organizations, NGOs, Community Land Trusts, DAOs and even large for-profit companies who want to tear it down and unbundle.

So, if you’re feeling the DisCO love and want more direct connection, we invite you to engage with us in reorienting the way you work and relate within your group.