The DisCO Project has a mission: to help communities self-organize, recognize, communicate and support each other in using DisCO tools and practices, in turn creating a massive, transnational DisCO network that continues the development of DisCOnomics and expansion of the DisCOverse.

We invite you to help DisCO to expand its network and reshape the way we work and share together. Here are four starting points to joining the DisCO mission: 

As a Commoner

We’ve shared suggestions on how you could contribute your time to DisCO in the How do I get Involved? section of the DisCO Basics. We suggest you share with your peers what inspires and motivates you about DisCO (or “find the others”), and start the DisCO Journey however it feels right and real for you. 

The best way to grow the DisCOverse is by creating more DisCOs. If you decide to do so, we’re here to support you. If you’d like to work with directly, feel free to contact us to talk. We are currently not seeking long-term collaborators beyond our Pink Board, but we could discuss our DisCOlarships program and other punctual collaborations. 

Financial contributions can be made in several ways:

Open Collective: Make a one-time or regular donation through Open Collective, which is a community-oriented, transparent and open source alternative to other direct support platforms such as Patreon. Click here for our Open Collective page.

Direct to You can donate to directly via bank transfer. Our legal organization is a not for profit, socially oriented cooperative in Andalusia, Spain. Contact us for more details.

Crypto: We are just as critical of crypto as we are of modern finance (see The DisCO Manifesto) but if this is your preferred way of supporting us, we accept donations to our Bitcoin or Ethereum wallets.

DisCO SWAG: Get yourself some ethically-sourced DisCO Merch to support us, as well as our manufacturing partners. See the DisCO Swag page for more details. 

As a Funder

We are eager to partner with funders who want to support DisCO as a long-term, systemic change project with concrete goals and responsive, emergent strategies.

Within philanthropy, coming out of the closet as supporting an Anticapitalist, Intersectional Feminist and Decolonial framework will ingratiate you to some and alienate others. We gladly welcome this openness and mutual support, given that the time window to avoid ecological and social collapse is narrowing, and we see an urgent need to build capacity based on real alternatives, disrupting the safety zone of making self-defeating compromises with the powerful and wealthy.

Traditional philanthropy is threaded through with colonial attitudes and predicated on artificial scarcity. Benefactors divest a small amount of their holdings to projects; the project’s participants are then dependent on these funds for their livelihoods. The projects’ progress will benefit to some extent, but the resulting relationships are often paternalistic, asymmetrical and ripe for creating unhealthy dependencies. Those who are committed to changing the world deserve to be supported and cared for, while avoiding dependency on the largesse of the economic system they are fighting to change.

DisCOnomics transcends the scarcities of traditional philanthropy by proposing active investment in generative projects to create economic counterpower. DisCO exists to create more DisCOs: federated groups of people dedicated to regenerative social and ecological action based on care and mutual support. If you’re ready to work with the urgency and diligence needed for true, lasting change, please get in touch. Beyond the operational, human and legal needs of, all funding directed to DisCO will support the creation, promotion and federation of more DisCO LABS worldwide

History shows that political revolutions are not followed by deep reconfigurations of power. Instead, they boost previously existing or invisibilized movements and their accompanying values to the forefront. The sustenance of roughly 2.5 billion people worldwide depend on some form of natural resource commons, yet many of these remain unprotected and vulnerable, in danger of privatization or sale. It’s possible that an analogous number of individuals are co-creating shared resources online through digital platforms.

These potentially massive affinity networks lack a common identifier or unifying vision that celebrates their autonomy and individuality. This is where DisCO steps in: we offer an inclusive and accessible brand for Anti Capitalist, decolonial and intersectional Feminist Futures that any group can adapt and adopt to their circumstances. Individual DisCOs are the building blocks for  economic subsidiarity and large scale, distributed impact.

DisCO Futures are already here, hidden in plain sight. We have the power and the will to bring the planet back from the brink of disaster, but to do so we need to hack contemporary politics, finance, economics and philanthropy in order to transcend them. These types of hacktivities continue to increase worldwide, so the more their results are made visible and legible, the more we can enlist willing imaginations and work cooperatively in cross-disciplinary ways, harvesting the momentum and the moment.

If your organization is ready to invest in this complex and emergent transition, please contact us to explore how we can work together to make the DisCOverse a viable home. 

As a Project Partner

If your organization vibes with DisCO and you’d like to collaborate, our DIWO Working Circle wants to hear from you! We work with a range of partners on punctual collaborations, events, research projects and the like. Ultimately, we’d love for you to work as a DisCO so we can create DisCO Clusters (punctual, time-bound collaborations) or SuperDisCOs (stable, federated circuits of value creation). Whatever your interest or area of speciality, we want to hear from you and get to know you, so please get in touch.


As a Client

If your organization wants to explore an internal restructuring with customized attention and guidance, we invite you to contact us here

Our core team works with worldwide partners through deep relationality, taking the time to listen, understand your organization’s goals, needs and realities, with particular focus on reproductive and care work. After an initial scoping, we will offer a series of online or in-person workshops, creating bespoke, structured programs according to your specific needs and aims. Read more in our DisCOnsulting page.