March 10, 2021

Stacco Troncoso | Who Owns the World? Platform Cooperativism, The New School University Center

Stacco Troncoso teaches and writes on the Commons, P2P politics and economics, open culture, post-growth futures, Platform and Open Cooperativism, decentralized governance, blockchain and more as part of the P2P Foundation, Commons Transition, and Guerrilla Media Collective.

Celebrating ten years of digital labor conferences at The New School, 2019’s Who Owns the World? The State of Platform Cooperativism was the most international gathering of its kind. This much-needed event summoned scholars and founders of platform cooperatives — businesses that use a website, mobile app, or protocol to sell goods or services while relying on democratic decision-making and shared ownership of the platform by workers and users.

Platform Cooperativism is not a fleeting idea but an iterative process that unfolds with the support of community groups and anchor organizations such as universities, cooperative banks, and accelerators. Impulses for a democratic digital transformation come from numerous domains, which is why this event presented theoretical reflections, artistic provocations, and insights from on-the-ground workers, owners, and users.

This conference was convened in 2019 by Trebor Scholz (Director, Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy at The New School ICDE) with support from Michael McHugh, ICDE’s Assistant Director.
Director of Photography: Haley Snyder
Sound Mixer: Dan RosenHanst