DisCO Pink Board.

The DisCO Pink Board is our group of trusted advisors. The DisCO.coop core team works closely with this group, in mutual support, care and commitment to our common vision. We turn to this group to think through, talk about and activate our vision. Click through to learn more about these remarkable allies:

Ela Kagel

Ruth Catlow

Phoebe Tickell

Dmytri Kleiner

Sofia Bustamante

Mamading Ceesay

Cindy Kohtala

David Bollier

Natalia Avlona

Romy Kramer

Rory Robertson-Shaw

Lynn Foster and Bob Haugen

Jill Burrows

Mireia Juan Cuco

Javier Arturo Rodriguez

Rich Jensen

Micky Metts

Sophie Bloemen

Thomas de Grot

Bárbara González Segovia

Brett Scott

brandon king

Kali Akuno

Mai Ishikawa Sutton

Lucas Tello

Julio Linares

Ivan March

Bronagh Gallagher

Vir Díez

Luis H. Porras

Julio Albarrán