January 27, 2021

Uninspired by bullshit jobs? Make your own DisCO

Uninspired by bullshit jobs? Tired of working for absentee shareholders and investors? While some of us are leaving our workplaces to create better models and methods of governance and value distribution, the devil is in the details.

DisCO is a set of methods and tools for creating radically democratic co-operatives, based on feminist principles and strengthened by Peer-to-Peer technologies. They provide practical learning experiences on the commons, feminist economics, and blockchains, offering accessible opportunities for people to actively engage with urgent social and environmental issues as part of their daily work.

Based on seven unique principles that complement and update the original co-operative principles, DisCO offers a hands-on micro-economic methodologies for a fairer future of work.

In this webinar, DisCONauts Sofía Bustamente, Felipe Duarte and Stacco Troncoso will take you through the ins and outs of DisCO building!

The webinar was recorded in November 2020 as part of Stir To Actions and Selgars Mill Beyond Here Fellowship. The following text has been updated from the original webinar description.

What to expect:

  • An overview of the DisCO framework and why it matters
  • An explanation of the seven DisCO seven principles and their application
  • Group exercises to prototype your own DisCO

What I’ll leave with:

  • Inspiring ideas on how to apply the DisCO framework to your existing or future co-operative projects
  • How to face real-life challenges through distributed co-operative strategies
  • More resources and ideas to follow your own DisCO journey
  • Ideas on how to interconnect sustainable and generative business ideas by pooling best practices and resources

Who is it for:

  • Everyone wanting to transcend defeatist precariat positions through the active practice of commoning
  • Everyone interested in human-centered applications of decentralised/blockchains technologies
  • Activists who’d like to spend more time doing work that heals our society and the environment
  • Anyway seeking to put their imagination into practice by co-designing purpose-oriented distributed co-operatives together

Lead image by William Murphy