July 9, 2021

Get DisCO! Ann Marie Utratel and Stacco Troncoso at the Metagov Seminar

The Metagovernance Seminar invites individuals working in online governance to present their work to a community of other researchers and practitioners. Topics of the seminar include, but are not limited to, computational tools for governance, governance incidents and case studies from online communities, topics in cryptoeconomics, and the design of digital constitutions.

The seminar is intended for researchers and practitioners in online governance, broadly defined. It welcomes guests and curious members of the public, with moderated discussion. Its governance structure is defined here.

Hosted by Divya Siddarth, this edition features Ann Marie Utratel and Stacco Troncoso giving an overview of DisCO, highlighting the need for person to person relationality as the baseline for designing coded, algorithmic, governance tools and practices. Find out more about Metagov here.

Opening text adapted from The Metagov Seminar. Find all seminars here.